An Introduction

Tis the 28th of December, the final week of 2012 is almost complete. I am not just excited about the new years celebrations, but also that I can start this challenge. Technically I can start illustrating on Sunday 30th of December as it marks the beginning of the first week of January.  Too excited!!

There are a lot of graphic design/illustration competitions out there. So me thinks that will be a good way to start for some inspiration.

Now, I have some research to do!


2 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. Super idea! I have been meaning to get on the competition band wagon for a very long time. You should look into the ones the CMYK magazine does from time to time. But if you here of any super awesome illustration ones and are feeling generous…send the link my way. 😀

  2. Thanks for the referral to CMYK. Never even thought of that! Threadless do some larger competitions every so often as well. Will definitely let people know of any major competitions.

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