Week 1 – Theme: Zodiac

Week 1 - Theme: Zodiac

I adopted the theme from Spoonflower’s weekly contests – a pretty good site to refer to for ideas – and I wanted to try out my new app on my Ipad (that’s right, I now have an Ipad – thanks Santa!).

So the app is called “Paper by 53” which is basically a drawing app. It is free and comes with a pen tool but any additional tools like pencil, outline, writing, watercolour or mixing tool are $2 extra.

So basically 1 pen tool + copy and paste + watercolour = one Paper app lover = me.

So super simple concept and process. I can see it as a fabric or wallpaper. but does it work? thoughts??


2 thoughts on “Week 1 – Theme: Zodiac

  1. Nice work! I think it definitely would make a good design for fabric or wall paper. I like the handmade/drawn quality and the way the black zodiac signs form a background which highlights the coloured, larger versions.

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