Week 2 – Poster design for NZ queer film festival

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These illustrations were created for a contest on a site called Design Crowd. The brief was to come up with an illustration to be used on a poster for a queer film festival in New Zealand. Here I have put up three variations with different coloured backgrounds to show the versatility of the designs. I created everything in Adobe Illustrator using the pen and paint tools and used my tablet to create the brush strokes. All of the colours had an opacity of 45% making it somewhat transparent to create a watercolour look.

The first two designs I picture being used in the center of the poster and the company can then add the name and details of the festival above and below the illustration. The last design has a gap in the middle where they can add their info.



Update: I received feedback from the company saying that the designs were not what they were looking for –  “A bit too sombre. We did like the rainbow coloured ‘palmes’ reference though.”

The Design that won definitely deserved it! It can be viewed here: http://www.designcrowd.com/design/1360921


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