Week 6 – Star Wars: episode VII movie poster

Super 8 cloud

A topical piece. There was just so much talk about J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars Episode VII, I had to get in on it!! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the look of this poster, it is based on the Super 8 poster, which J.J. Abrams also directed.

It was all mainly created with Adobe Illustrator using the pen tool to create vector shapes and the paint tool to create shades in the clouds. The type face is what I had most trouble with. What I ended up doing (because I couldn’t afford to buy the specific font used) was tracing the letters used in the original poster and then using the inner glow effect to create the haze that’s around the edges of the font. I then transferred it over to Photoshop and used the smudge tool to blend in the shapes of the clouds.

Thanks to the biggest Star Wars fan I know (who also happens to be my boyfriend) Lachlan (@Lokkoland on twitter), who came up with the original idea of this artwork and helped me every step of the way. Just to, you know, make sure I got all the facts right.


2 thoughts on “Week 6 – Star Wars: episode VII movie poster

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