Weekly Movie Poster No 1: End of Watch

I watched 10 movies last week! crazy huh? It was actually really difficult for me to choose my favourite movie because it was a pretty good week of watching.

Films watched last week (week 5) and star ratings (out of 5):

  1. Just go with it  ★★
  2. Inglourious Basterds  ★★★★
  3. Rio  ★★
  4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules  ★★★
  5. Django  ★★★★
  6. Wet, Hot American Summer  ★★
  7. End of Watch  ★★★★
  8. Boyz N the Hood  ★★★★
  9. On the Road  ★★★★
  10. The Missing  ★★★

So as you can see, quite a few 4 star ratings, but it was END OF WATCH that won it for me. It was more of a emotional attachment that lead me to choose this film. END OF WATCH just engaged me from start to finish. It was a whole movie, it felt complete. The script was incredible and the choice to do it in a documentary style suited perfectly. David Ayer (writer/director) created a world where the characters can feel the fine line between contentment and fear.

I am now pretty keen to finally see Training Day, another LA set street crime movie also written by Ayer.

So! This is what I came up with:

The first image is what I came up with in Adobe Illustrator using the pen tool to create Vector shapes and the gradients tool in the text. I then applied 2 different effects using the retrolux tool in the Ipad app Snapseed to create the following two images.

I couldn’t decide so I just put up all three!!

NEXT WEEK I’ll be Illustrating Warm Bodies. Stay Tuned!


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