Weekly Movie Poster No 2: Warm Bodies

After a week filled with watching movies and a struggle to pick which one was my favourite (See Weekly Movie Poster No 1: End of Watch), Week 6 didn’t hold much selection for me. I watched only one movie which was:


Ideally I would have loved to give it 3.5 stars (out of 5) but as these particular stars don’t like to be broken, I have had to give it a rating of 3. It was a really fun movie!! But take my advice: don’t watch the trailer before seeing it. The movie is basically an extended version of the trailer. There’s not much more to the plot. Of course it is the detail that is makes it that extra bit spesh! As I watched romance, comedy and horror hanging out on screen and actually really getting along (not like Twilight) it made me giggle at the thought of my movie genre fettishes combining. This is definitely a movie I could watch again!! possibly another time after that too.

Warm Bodies by Zoe Jones

So I created this image with the help of Adobe Illustrator and the pen tool to make vector shapes for all of the bodies (except the word “bodies”) seen in the image. I then used an outer glow in the effects menu to create a glow around the hearts of the zombie bodies. I also used the flare shape and layered it behind the heart and adjusted the opacity of the heart to 50% or so.

For the text I used the the outline, watercolour and ink pen tools in the IPad app Paper by 53. Best app ever!


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