Weekly Movie Poster No 3: Punch-Drunk Love

So in week 7 I watched five films. All very worthy of appraisal but there was one distinct winner.

The Next 3 days – ★★★ ½

Friends with Money – ★★★

Punch-Drunk Love – ★★★★½

Perfect Sense – ★★★

Amour – ★★★½

I had never seen Punch-Drunk Love before and I hadn’t really heard much about it. I think this is probably my favourite way to view a film. The introduction of this film covered the first hour of the movie, which I would normally see as a negative but I just so enjoyed learning more about the awkward, shy life of the main character Barry Egan (Adam Sandler) and his 7 sisters, and the mini piano he found on the street and his home business and why he cries sometimes and the large amount of pudding he bought from the supermarket. And then came Lena Leonard (Emily Watson) who is just as awkward but a little cuter than Barry. And I just wanted to know about her life. While watching this romance form, a thriller also evolves. So what starts as a comedy/drama turns into a romantic thriller.

As a former DVD shop assistant I could get frustrated at not knowing which shelf to put this particular film. But as a viewer I have a great love for a successful genre mix. Fabulous film!!

Punch Drunk Love by Zoe Jones

So the above was created with a few different methods. I made a blue square and saved it as a jpg. I then opended it up in the Ipad app Snapseed and used the Vintage option to create a sort of glow and slight lens scratch effect. The pudding images were created in Illustrator using the pen tool to create vector shapes. I also used the paint tool to create the text. And finally I used the smudge tool in photoshop to play with the pudding swirls a little bit.


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