Week 10 – Character: Elderly Monk

This series of illustrations were created for a contest on Design Crowd. The post asked for a set of realistic illustrations of their chosen character, which was an elderly monk, with a number of facial expressions and doing a couple of different poses. I used the paint and pen tools in Adobe Illustrator to create vector shapes. It was quite a challenge to create a number of different facial expressions, while remaining realistic, and also while trying to make all the images look like the same character.



Dear Zoe,

Thank you for your submission to our ‘realistic Buddha illustration’ project.
I’m sorry to inform you that your design has not been selected for this project.

We really liked the humour in your Buddha with the skirt flying up, and the concentration and concerned looks which were very endearing. This is something no other designer has been able to achieve in their work and it is testament to your talent to produce work with such soul.

The reason we have not selected your design is simply a matter of how the illustrations looks on the screen we are using. It does not have the impact of other designs in terms of clarity and sharpness. This is no fault of your own, and you should be very proud of your work.

A minor suggestion that you might like to think about to improve your work in the future is maintaining consistency in the character throughout each design.
For example, the shape of the head, smoothness of the neck and the inclusion of shoes in the flying/martial arts pose are at odds with the character in the other poses.

Thank you again for your submission and best of luck with your design work.

Kind regards, L


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