Week 11 – Leggings Design

Now I know I am a little behind in posting my Illustrations, I’ve just been working on a few more extensive ideas while also having computer malfunctions as well as working on a few film projects. But I plan to catch up!

Leggings Design by Zoe Jones

Leggings Design by Zoe Jones

This design was created for a competition on Design Crowd.

My spiel: I created this design from what influences my own fashion. I am really into bold, dark colours with a sharp patterning creating an aztec kind of feel. The first image above contains the design as it would appear on all three sides by using the jpg images provided as a basis. The marbled lines I imagine would appear at the base of the leg, the knees and the ankles. One can achieve such different looks, when the leggings are viewed from different angles while still holding a consistent style. I created this design also based on the example images provided in the brief (here). A lot of the leggings were made with a lycra material. I think this particular design would look great with the natural shine of the lycra against the shade of brown I have chosen as the base colour of the leggings.

The process: What I actually did first was create “Clouds” in Photoshop by going to Filter > Render > Clouds then again going into Filter > Render > Difference clouds. This created that marble look you can see in the circles but also the lines. Then I copied the image over to Illustrator. From there I used the gradient tool, changed the opacity of certain shapes, and used the pathfinder to help me create the look I wanted.



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