Week 14 – Animal characters

I have decided I will only take part in competitions or contests that help me out as an illustrator rather than just doing it for the prize money. Well this one was a pretty good start. It was a contest featured on Design Crowd where the brief was to illustrate a number of different characters based on different species of animals who come from different environments. They wanted them to remain simple with solid fills.

This is what I came up with:

I took on this project because I had always wanted to come up with a number of characters to possibly feature in a children’s book or to be animated but I never really had the chance. Well this was my chance and there was possibly $750 in it for me at the end. Unfortunately they eliminated these illustrations straight away and said it wasn’t the style they were after. Boo. But hey, it gave me an excuse to actually develop these characters. And It was super fun!!


3 thoughts on “Week 14 – Animal characters

    • I think the fox is my fav! Yeah i think i’m going to take that approach from now on. Maybe focus a little more on the millions of ideas I have rather than competitions etc. They’re just distractions from achieving what I am passionate about.

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