Week 18 – Freelance Man!

I came up with this illustration to submit to the website One Thing I Know. So the design is based around specific colours and the thought of matching it with the types of articles on the website. This idea actually correlates to my own professional situation. On my LinkedIn account, I title myself as a “professional freelancer”. I kind of just float between the film, theatre, and art industries in areas like acting, management, design and graphics. As well as nannying on the side.

So here we have FREELANCE MAN!

Freelance Man_Zoe Jones_72dpi

The process: A lot of what I put in this Illustration was created by freehand drawing in my sketchbook then I used the Live Trace or Image Trace option with the Silhouette effect to convert to vector. And then just editing the pen points to make it a bit smoother. I liked that his ears and eyes were slightly lopsided when I drew it, so rather than redrawing it in Illustrator like I usually do (e.g. The Animal Characters) I used the tracing options. For the background, I used a jpeg of a solid colour and played around with the Snapseed Ipad App to get a good glow effect and spot marks. I then altered a few things using Photoshop.

A very fun process! Now let’s hope they like it and publish it. 🙂


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