Top 20 films of 2013.

2013 was a fantastic year for films! I saw an incredible amount of films on the big screen and even some oldies on DVD that really moved me. But alas, here is my top 20 films released in 2013 that made me laugh, cry, forced me to reflect, or were just beautifully shot and visually unforgettable.

20. This is the End

19. The Great Gatsby

18. Dallas Buyers Club

17. Don Jon

16. Gravity

15. Blue Jasmine

14. Frances Ha

13. Bachelorette

12. Inside Llewyn Davis

11. Rust and Bone

10. End of Watch

9. Blue is the Warmest Color

8. Stoker

7. Tracks

6. The Way Way Back

5. The Wolf of Wall Street

4. 12 Years a Slave

3. Her

2. Prisoners

1. Short Term 12


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